About UFOS

UFOS Inc. (Universal Freight Operating Software) was conceived in the 1990’s founded by Erick Marroquin. UFOS Inc. was created based on needs voiced by many companies that have been in the transportation industry for years.  We started with the basic need for booking an order, fast forward to today, a fully encompassed software system that manages freight from the sales pitch to invoicing and everything in between.  Working with leading Transportation companies in the beginning allowed for the birth of strong customer relationships and we have had the honour of having retained several over the years making UFOS one of the leaders in the dispatch software industry.

Our Vision & Commitment

At UFOS we strive to go above and beyond with our customer service team, our dedication, and our ongoing development.  We are proud of what we offer today to our fellow consumers a product that offers intelligent decision-making tools and enhanced communication across several platforms and partner services.  We are committed to the industry by constantly offering updated and constantly evolving solutions allowing companies to work smarter, not harder.

Our customer service is one that we are proud of, and we will continue to offer the best service as a leading software leader in Canada, United States & Mexico.

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