Trucking Solution

All the items that come with the base platform as well as the requirements for a trucking company. 

Work orders are assigned to trips, trips are placed with drivers, single or teams, drivers have trucks and pull trailers of all kinds. Driver settlements can be miles, percentage, contract, flat rate or hourly. Drivers can be company, owner operator or contract. Additional services performed by drivers, line haul or city, can be entered under carrier services and be added to any work order or trip, waiting time, re-delivery, layovers just to cite a few. Routing of drivers, rearranging routes, miles, all at your fingertips.

Safety compliance is inside of UFOS Trucking, know when and why service is due and what service is required. Keep track of all this as well as images of all work completed and if a mandatory service is NOT completed you can have UFOS take the driver, power unit or trailer out of service so as not to dispatch them in error.  

Driver pays can be a pay statement generated in UFOS, an Owner Operator can be treated as a vendor and if there is a group of drivers that are under one vendor, no problem, we will funnel all the pay for those drivers to the Owners company and he can pay them.

Fleet profit and loss is a very valuable tool, you will know if you are going to be making profits on any trip before the driver even leaves the yard.  In the current marketplace this is invaluable. 

You will know how much you have spent on all the maintenance and should you have an audit, all the information is at your fingertips.  Easy to use, well organized and functional.


  • Fleet Profit or Loss on every trip
  • Driver Settlements 
  • Safety and Compliance Module 
  • Auto disable if Safety and Compliance requirements are not met.
  • Auto submission of ACE/ACI