Freight Brokerage Solution

UFOS has over 20 years of experienced design and knowledge from leading players in the transportation industry.  With insight and suggestions UFOS created a Dispatching Software system that allows for consistent freight management from Quotes to Invoicing, and everything in between.  We are proud to say we are one of the leading, most successful software out there for managing all aspects of the freight broker industry.

Our software allows transportation companies to manage all aspects of transportation capabilities allowing businesses to plan, optimize and track movement of goods throughout the entire shipment. 

UFOS is a powerful system that reduces redundant data entry by sharing all information across the board among all employees and management from 1 employee to over 100 employees with access to the same data across the board. Reducing valuable time by auto rating customer orders based on several different rate scales, load optimizing and shipment tracking.  Real time updating from Carriers give customer’s real time access to their freight.


  • Simple but detailed forms for shipments allow for detailed carrier confirmations and Bills of Ladings printed with a click of a button.  
  • Reporting Capabilities with dozens of defined reports and the option for custom queries.  Several different formats are available for printing, excel and PDF.
  • Invoicing and direct links to several leading accounting software’s.
  • Highly detailed dispatch board that everyone has access to all details and orders in progress.
  • Seamless data transfer with custom APIs and EDI.
  • Full scale of activity reports that keep management informed of Revenue and Expenses.
  • Auto Rating by Cubed weight, shipment types and various others for Carrier’s and Customer’s.
  • Automatic Carrier Expired Insurance notification, reducing the risk of using a carrier with expired insurance.
  • Salesperson reports based on activity or commissions.
  • Quotes custom/generic, track your wins and losses.