This is a very highly developed piece of software currently being used by thousands of operations staff and management throughout Canada, USA and Mexico.

It comes as a base system that can be acquired and you can “add on” additional modules as demand and budgets allow at any time on any financial platform. DIM’s (document Imaging), Google Miles and PDF Mailer (just to name a few).
Its function is for non-asset moves within Canada, USA and Mexico following all the rules of Insurance Compliance For Carriers and the transparency for your clients to track their shipments, download documents from the Web Track and Trace and enter orders.

Creating quotes and auto rating from those quotes as well as importing carrier rates from templates simply add to the ease of use and petitioning of the data for information.

Work orders have all the information on one page, load information, customer, carrier, customs broker, shipper and consignee, EDI (electronic data interchange), cost, revenue and margin as well as currencies.
ISO compliant, estimated time of pickup and delivery, EDI times, gate in and gate out as well as actual time of pickup and delivery. Pickup, delivery and release numbers to pass on to the carrier of record to ease their part to the process. In addition, carriers can update their own orders with pickup and delivery times or any special notes that need to be passed back to your software, dimensions, weight or handling.

A host of reports and a custom report builder that is driven by the work order, if you enter the information, it will give you the report in printed form or Excel.

Dispatch Board that is company-wide or personal, with the ability to arrange it in any way you want with any colors designating stats of the work order. This way each primary division in a company can see the information as they need. Operations can see what orders need to be covered, the status the carrier is at, as well as if it is picked up or delivered. Accounting can set up their dispatch board to see the orders that are waiting for PODs and pending invoicing and posting to the accounting software of choice, management can see it all. Just as simple as that!