3 PL Warehousing

A fully functional free standing warehouse management software system that talks to the UFOS TMS systems. The software can be set up to operate by customer, on a single level, bi level or tri level along with specifications regarding how your client wants to see their inventory.  Along with the SKU, you can specify lot number, serial number, expiry date and unique numbers, non-inventory items and hazardous.

Customer profiles and billing profiles are all set up for automated billing either upon receipt or reoccurring storge fees or both. Customer SKU’s can be set up with dimensions and weight both for receiving and shipping to pre-populate common documents such as the BOL, pick lists, packing slips etc. You can also take a picture of the inventory items and store it against the SKU.  

Receiving reports can be sent as an email attachment as a PDF document. Any special notes can be entered on the receiving report to notify your client of any shortages or damages immediately. This ensures that your records match your clients’ records. 

There are different bill profiles depending on what your agreement is with your client. Standard in/out and first month’s storage, re-occurring monthly storage, contract invoicing for your seasonal clients, and any accessorial charge you want to set up. 

Daily operations can include Scan in/out, Web Query, repacking, transferring, quarantine and other operational process. 


  • Tri level Warehousing 
  • Customer billing profiles 
  • Contract Billing capabilities 
  • Scan In/Out 
  • Capable of handling 10 deep racking 
  • Cooler and Freezer Warehousing 
  • Custom labels 
  • Interfaced to UFOS TMS software
  • Inventory reporting on all levels 
  • Customer Web Query on Inventory Levels 
  • Customer Web Order entry