We have been a UFOS user for more than a decade, and while our business has grown significantly during that time UFOS has been able to provide us the tools we needed to support our growth.  As a TMS system geared towards SMEs, the UFOS application was a great fit for our business.

John Elisio

Senior Partner, The FBI Group

We have been using UFOS for 10+ years are happy with the experience. Through collaboration with their development team, we have been able to customize the software for our less-than-truckload operation. Most importantly, the team has been reliable, knowledgeable and helpful when we require additional critical support, even on weekends or afterhours.


Ontario-Based Less-than-Truckload Company

UFOS has provided my company with an incredible program head and shoulders above the competition. Over time they have customized small parts of their rocksteady platform to specific needs and tasks for our company which has allowed my team to perform our day to day activities with ease. What sets UFOS apart from the rest is their ability to listen to their customers needs, propose viable solutions, and then implement those solution with ease. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them!

Anthony Mestroni

Director & CEO, North Atlantic International Logistics Inc.

Mactrans has being using UFOS for almost 15 years and it’s a great TMS. They were such a big help when we got started and even purchased our computer hardware for us.

They have helped us grow from a group of 3 people in 2009 to over 30 people with 4 offices across Canada today. UFOS is a true partner we enjoy working with their team

Joel MacKay

President, Mactrans Logistics Inc.